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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The best and worst things about being a mom

today, i want to share ape yang best n tak bestnyer jadi seorang ibu ni..for me the the best lagi bnayaklah daripada the worst because i love my son. and to be a mom, aku rasa kalau tak bersedia pun takper just like me..during the pregnant i banyak fikir yang bukan2 whether i can be a good mom or worst..but once ur baby deliver and first time u see his/her face is the most heaven in the world. By the moment ur baby in ur arm, u know u can be and try to be a good mum..ok check it out ke

the best
1) Rasa tak keseorangan lagi bila hubby kena keje malam coz i already have a company
2) Bile balik dari keje, walaupun penat sangat pun mesti seronok coz i have my own clown that make me laugh..its therapy also..
3) Sometimes i dont realize that i have strength that i dont expect i have it..mostly when my baby get sick or crying over the night..pagi tue i leh bangun dan g keje cam biasa.
4)Tak payah lagi berdepan ngan orang kampung yang akan bertanya"bila nak dapat anak"
5) i get attention whereever and whenever i go because of my baby...he always get attention from everyone.
6) My parent in law and me get more closed because of my son..also my parent which always concern about him.
7) Get an activities every week..hari minggu ni nak g maner ek, nak bawak fawwaz jalan2.
8) I dont have to worried about my diet and get fat since im breastfeeding and believe or not banyak mane makan pun still leh maintain my weight..thanks to bf
9) Iam be more manage person coz i have to manage my career, homemaker and mom
10) Hubungan ngan hubby lebih rapat coz hari2 ader je citer nak kongsi ngan hubby pasal parenthood.

yang tak best
1)kalau nak g mane2 mesti kena spent masa 1 jam coz nak siapkan baby dulu..tapi oklah since ader hubby,
2) Takleh nak tido lena sampai ke pagi coz fawwaz kuat mengigau sekarang.
3)tak leh nak shopping lebih2 dah sekarang coz kena spare for susu dan pampers fawwaz..tapi fawwaz ni selalu dapat sponsor pampers dari uncle2 n autie dier
4)kalau leh manjakan diri atau berlama2 masa mandi tue..alangkah indahnya. Dulu leh berlulur n scrub badan seminggu sekali sekarang ni..tgu hubby tak keje baru bleh nak lama2.
5) Sakit badan coz fawwaz makin berat..berat badan saya pun menurun.
6)kalau g shopping complex takleh lama2 coz si fawwaz ni tak nak tido dalam stroller so sian kat dia berjaga lama.
7) Nak g maner2 kena rancang dulu takleh main nak g jer..especially kalau nak g vacation...
8)Geram kat dier kalau time dier lasak sangat dan masa tu sangat lah penat balik dari keje...
9)takleh nak bermanja2 ngan hubby..ader org jeles..hahahaha

banyak gak yang tak bestnyer kan..but what ever it is, i'm enjoy being a mother for my fawwaz because i love him and i thank to Allah coz give him to. Fawwaz...mama love u, and i will try to be a good mother. And for my hubby, thanks coz give a hand to me. Glad to have u as my husband..


i AM a MARRIED woman said...

when i read this i feel like i want to have my own baby!!!!!!!dun care la yg the worst things of being a mum tu..tapi best balik ofis dpt tgk baby.....

tak sabarnyeee

wanza said...

rinie..thanks for leave comment..welcome to my blog